Dancing On Ice star The Vivienne tackles drag ‘attack’

Dancing On Ice star The Vivienne tackles drag ‘attack’
Dancing On Ice star The Vivienne tackles drag ‘attack’

Dancing On Ice star The Vivienne gave a heartfelt thank you to the audience for their support during Sunday’s semi-final episode, as she said her drag craft was “under full attack”.

The former RuPaul’s Drag Race UK star, 30, real name James Williams, took to the rink for his Personal Skateboard after choosing the song Over The Rainbow from the 1939 film Wizard Of Oz to play because she held a special place in his heart.

After putting on a stylish performance with her professional partner Colin Grafton, she expressed her gratitude for feeling welcome on the show and to the show’s fans amidst a turbulent time for drag performers.

Referring to recent protests around the world against drag storytelling events for children, The Vivienne thanked the public for their support, saying, “Especially at a time when drag is under complete attack, to show that the flirting is nothing but entertainment. We are nothing to fear. We just want to have fun.

Members of the public around the world have rallied against events at public libraries and other venues that involve drag queens reading children’s books and engaging in other learning activities for young people and their families. .

Speaking: Dancing On Ice’s The Vivienne thanked the audience from the bottom of their hearts for their support during Sunday’s semi-final episode as she said her drag art was ‘fully under attack’ (pictured with his professional partner Colin Grafton)

Ahead of her Personal Skate, The Vivienne opened up about the emotional reason she chose Over The Rainbow for her performance.

She chose the track because it meant a lot to her since she was a child after watching the 1939 musical film The Wizard of Oz starring Judy Garland.

She explained, “For my personal song, I’m going to skate to Over the Rainbow.

“As a young boy, I really fell in love with The Wizard of Oz because it made me feel like anything was possible.

“I knew I was different but I didn’t know what it was, but seeing Dorothy who knew there was a bigger world than Kansas definitely hit me.”

La Vivienne, who is associated with professional skater Colin Grafton on the show, went on to explain that it wasn’t until she moved from Wales to a big city that she began to feel at home. comfortable in his own skin.

Being around like-minded people allowed her to grow in herself and embrace her authentic identity.

She said: “I came out at 14 and moved to Liverpool at 16 and quickly found my tribe.

Grateful: She expressed her gratitude for being welcomed into the show and with fans of the show amidst a turbulent time for drag performers right now

“It was a big sigh of relief that these people were exactly like me. And then I saw drag queens and I thought “wow, I’m really in Oz now!”

‘It’s a crazy full circle from little seven-year-old James dreaming of being Dorothy to now being able to portray this song on the ice.

“When people watch this performance I hope they are transported to this happy place and whatever they are going through, just know that beyond the rainbow something fabulous awaits. And you are a very special person who can go through anything.

La Vivienne wore a dazzling pink and white mini dress adorned with sparkling sequins and jewels.

She was given 9.5 points by Ashley while the rest of the judges awarded 10 each.

The studio audience didn’t take too kindly to the fact that Ashley didn’t award full marks but insisted, “That’s a good mark!”

Blunder: Earlier in the episode, the Vivienne crashed into the ice as she attempted a jump, landing on her knees
Crashing out: La Vivienne said: “My knees hurt a bit but I’m fine. We dance on the ice. Things happen’

Earlier in the show, the Vivienne crashed to the ground as she took a fall during the band’s Solo Skate.

Each celebrity performed without their professional partner for the first time on the show.

The routine got off to a good start until Vivienne crashed to the ice as she attempted a jump, landing on her knees.

She quickly got to her feet to continue the routine and seemed in good spirits as she opened up about the accident to show hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield.

All stars: (LR) Siva, Nile Wilson, The Vivienne, Joey Essex and Mollie Gallagher are all seen before heading to the rink for the group performance without their professional partners

La Vivienne said: “My knees hurt a bit but I’m fine. We dance on the ice. Things happen.’

Phillip added: “It’s live skating for you.”

Giving comments from the panel, Chief Judge Christopher revealed that The Vivienne placed last due to her tripping, only receiving a single point.

Dancing On Ice continues next Sunday on ITV1 and ITVX at 6.30pm.



AGE: 50

OCCUPATION: Actress and DJ

WHAT DID THEY SAY?: “I refused before because I was terrified, but when I turned 50 I made a pact to get out of my confrontation zone. ‘


AGE: 28

OCCUPATION: love island star

WHAT DID THEY SAY?: “I have incredible news to tell you. I’m so excited, can’t wait to get on the ice and skate. Stay tuned and see you soon on the ice.


AGE: 24


WHAT DID THEY SAY?: “I don’t have the best coordination, so when people find out they’ll laugh, but I don’t want to spend my life saying ‘I can’t do this, I can’t do that.


AGE: 32


WHAT DID THEY SAY?: ‘I’m so excited. I wanted something in my life with structure and it’s more serious than what I usually do.


AGE: 36

OCCUPATION: West End actress and star

WHAT DID THEY SAY?: “I’m so excited to learn how to dance…on the ice! I’m terrified but I can’t wait – I just want to make the most of this whole experience.


AGE: 33


WHAT DID THEY SAY?: “I want to learn to skate and make my family proud of me and put on a show for everyone to see.”


AGE: 60

OCCUPATION: Former footballer and pundit

WHAT DID THEY SAY?: “I’m definitely in to win it. And this might be one of the scariest things I’ve signed up for, but I couldn’t be more ready for the challenge!”


AGE: 26

OCCUPATION: olympic gymnast

WHAT DID THEY SAY?: “I haven’t done much ice skating, but I’m so excited about this opportunity. I’m so excited to get into this routine and feel like an athlete again.


AGE: 29

OCCUPATION: drag queen

WHAT DID THEY SAY?: “To be the first drag performer to enter one of Britain’s great reality competitions is an honor and a big step forward for queer representation on television.



AGE: 34

WHAT DID THEY SAY?: ‘I have giant feet, I can’t skate and I can’t dance. My family has already made bets – they’re betting that I’ll get the first episode!’


AGE: 43 years old


WHAT DID THEY SAY?: “I’ve always wanted to do this but I know I could never have finished anything because of the way I was 18 months ago so I’m really really grateful to have him this year when I am much stronger.


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. Dancing Ice star Vivienne tackles drag attack

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