A billion reasons to celebrate for 1,600 small businesses across Australia

A billion reasons to celebrate for 1,600 small businesses across Australia
A billion reasons to celebrate for 1,600 small businesses across Australia

BHP’s Buy Local program has reached a milestone with over A$1 billion spent with local and Indigenous small businesses across regional Australia.

Since its launch in 2012, the program has helped nearly 1,600 small businesses become part of BHP’s supply chain, involving more than 67,000 work packages with an average payment term of seven days.

Geraldine Slattery, President of BHP Minerals Australia, said: “Over $1 billion spent on BHP’s Buy Local program is a significant milestone. BHP depends on the capacity and talent of the many local and indigenous small businesses that support our operations across Australia. It has been wonderful to watch them flourish as we forge new, deeper partnerships together.

“Local businesses are vitally important to the success of BHP and to the ability of Australia’s regional communities to create and sustain jobs. We look forward to seeing our buy local program grow stronger.

“Local and Indigenous small businesses have a wonderful opportunity to be at the forefront of modern sustainable mining, helping to advance their regional economies and produce the critical minerals needed for the energy transition.

A partnership between BHP and C-Res, the Local Buying Program makes it easier for small business owners to bid for sourcing opportunities through a streamlined onboarding, sourcing, and payment process that includes terms and conditions. payment of 7 days or less. Small businesses also have better access to work opportunities with BHP through a central online directory.

BHP Chief Commercial Officer Vandita Pant said, “Our business and our industry play a vital role in keeping local economies strong, creating opportunities and creating jobs. Every day, we work with thousands of our vendor partners to achieve great results. A milestone like this demonstrates our commitment to building relationships based on mutual benefit that will continue to grow for many years to come.

C-Res CEO Tracey Cuttriss-Smith said: “Seeing A$1 billion paid out to local and indigenous small businesses in just over 10 years of business is something we never could have. imagine. This money has helped businesses grow, sponsor sports teams, and create jobs and opportunities for community members. We look forward to continuing our partnership with BHP as we strive to reach the next billion Australian dollars. »

Originally created to support local businesses surrounding the BHP Mitsubishi Alliance in Queensland, the success of the program has seen it spread to all of BHP’s Australian assets, as well as being replicated for its Minerals America operations.

BHP’s total economic contribution to Australia was A$79.3 billion in FY22, including A$16.5 billion in payments to suppliers for the purchase of utilities, goods and services.

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. billion reasons celebrate for small companies through Australia

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